We have updated our Mobile Miles schedule. You'll find us inside the medical facilities to better meet your needs! April 2014 schedule
Join us each month for our whole food education program for cancer prevention! You'll find info, tips, handouts, and recipes!  NUTRITION 365 BLOG
April is Cancer Awareness Month for oral, head and neck cancers. Learn more from or
Breast Cancer Support - May 6
Scripture Vitamins - May 7
Night at the Ballpark - May 16

Thank you to MidSouth Bank for their hard work through our Change For Miles school campaigns! Our generous schools have kept them busy!

Miles Perret Cancer Services is a haven for individuals and their families fighting, surviving, and living with cancer. We are here to provide emotional support, guidance, resources, programs, and most of all, hope. Our services are comprehensive and always provided at no charge. No appointment is necessary and there are no qualifications.




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